Get to Know Us


Brian and Audrey Jose

Brian's great, great, great grandfather Asa Walbridge settled in Newcastle back around 1816, but Brian and Audrey are relatively recent arrivals -- after 37 years serving and leading churches in Europe, most recently Albania.  They love the community spirit of Newcastle, paddling their birch bark canoe, and barbecues.


Roshan Jacob

 Roshan's been a Canadian since birth but grew up in the city of Dubai, where he had his first Timmy's coffee. He then moved to study at Durham University (Durham, England, that is !) and is now joining us over in Newcastle. He's an entrepreneurial spirit and loves all things creative. 

Troy and Liz Hermesen

Troy and Liz are passionate musicians - Liz loves leading us in worship, and Troy has crafted a guitar or two. Their home life is an expression of their creativity : woodwork, educating their young son, brewing beer and cooking great food.