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Get to Know Us

Brian and Audrey

Brian and Audrey Jose

Brian's great, great, great grandfather Asa Walbridge settled in Newcastle back around 1816, but Brian and Audrey are relatively recent arrivals -- after 37 years serving and leading churches in Europe, most recently Albania.  They love the community spirit of Newcastle, paddling their birch bark canoe, and barbecues.

Troy and Liz

Troy and Liz Hermsen

Troy and Liz are passionate musicians - Liz loves leading us in worship, and Troy has crafted a guitar or two. Their home life is an expression of their creativity : woodwork, educating their young son and cooking great food.

Helio and Nicole

Helio and Nicole Rodrigues

Helio and Nicole moved to Newcastle in 2021 from near Edinburgh, Scotland after feeling God draw them toward Canada. Before that they worked as missionaries in Albania where they led a Church and worked to serve and connect with the community there. They continue their leadership now in Village Church, with Helio leading Worship and Nicole driving us toward a community mindset in our congregation, as well as in our town.

Our Values

God’s Word

The Bible is ancient truth for modern timesa God-inspired book of wisdom which reveals Jesus from cover to cover.



We are committed followers of Jesus, learning together and encouraging one another as we walk with Him. 



The church is the family of God, beautiful in its diversity and remarkable in its acceptance of people from every conceivable background.



Giving of our time, talent and treasure to make Newcastle, Canada and the world a better place is our privilege and responsibility.


  God is at work in us and in our world by His Spirit, changing us as we serve Him to bring positive change to our community.


We believe every person is called to participate in the Kingdom of God, and in their congregation. We are called to be partners, not consumers!

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